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Franchise Solution For Resellers and Business Cooperators.

Company Profile

FastTranslate is the most complete, well-organized and quality-accredited servicecenter for translation and interpretation products

TheFast Translate structure is based on European specifications using technologiesto optimize profitability.

FastTranslate now consists of many freelance translators & agencies all over theworld ready to cover all language combinations of translation andinterpretation.


Our target

TheFast Translate philosophy is to provide comprehensive services around the fieldof translation & interpretation. TheFast Translate network focuses on the needs of a modern business and above all,a modern customer offering high quality services on a competitive tariff to thebenefit of everyone.

FastTranslate assures its affiliates the following privileges that contribute totheir business success!

• Organizingmanuals

• Trademark & corporate identity

•Training on specific ways and methods of operation

•Exclusive collaborations

•Advisory and technical support

•Training for the new Franchisee

•Organized network of translators

Since1989, Fast Translate has created a well-organized network of translators andinterpreters in Greece and abroad, ensuring the immediate processing oftranslation work.

•Translation tools - electronic dictionaries and glossaries available topartners.


We'll be glad to call us to talk about the Store, its equipment, the Entry Fee andthe Royalties!

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